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our sms gateway is used by some of the world’s smartest companies

Ikea Microsoft Whatsapp DHL BMW Facebook AirBnB McDonalds
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Real time pricing Global Gateway SMS

Week 31, 2017
MCC MNC Country - Operator Global * Priority *
20408The Netherlands - KPN€ 0.050€ 0.059
20400The Netherlands - Landlines€ 0.063€ 0.075
20409The Netherlands - Lycamobile€ 0.063€ 0.075
20424The Netherlands - Private Mobility€ 0.063€ 0.075
20498The Netherlands - Simpel€ 0.063€ 0.072
20416The Netherlands - T-Mobile€ 0.059€ 0.075
20402The Netherlands - Tele2€ 0.057€ 0.063
20407The Netherlands - Teleena€ 0.059€ 0.075
20412The Netherlands - Telfort€ 0.050€ 0.059
20418The Netherlands - UPC€ 0.050€ 0.055
20406The Netherlands - Vectone Mobile€ 0.063€ 0.075
20404The Netherlands - Vodafone€ 0.051€ 0.063
20403The Netherlands - VoiceWorks€ 0.063€ 0.075
Show more operators
20414The Netherlands - 6GMobile€ 0.063€ 0.075
20423The Netherlands - Aspider€ 0.059€ 0.075
20465The Netherlands - AT&T€ 0.063€ 0.075
20427The Netherlands - Breezz€ 0.063€ 0.075
20405The Netherlands - Elephant Talk€ 0.063€ 0.075
20417The Netherlands - Intercity€ 0.059€ 0.075
20410The Netherlands - KPN€ 0.050€ 0.059
20469The Netherlands - KPN€ 0.050€ 0.059
20428The Netherlands - Lancelot€ 0.063€ 0.075
20422The Netherlands - Ministerie van Defensie€ 0.063€ 0.075
20419The Netherlands - Mixe€ 0.063€ 0.075
20460The Netherlands - Nextgen€ 0.063€ 0.075
20400The Netherlands - Other operators€ 0.063€ 0.075
20425The Netherlands - Private Mobility€ 0.063€ 0.075
20421The Netherlands - ProRail€ 0.063€ 0.075
20467The Netherlands - RadioAccess€ 0.063€ 0.075
20401The Netherlands - Scarlet€ 0.063€ 0.075
20426The Netherlands - SpeakUp€ 0.063€ 0.075
20420The Netherlands - T-Mobile€ 0.059€ 0.075
20429The Netherlands - Teleware€ 0.063€ 0.075
20413The Netherlands - Unica€ 0.063€ 0.075
20468The Netherlands - Unify€ 0.063€ 0.075
20415The Netherlands - Ziggo B.V.€ 0.063€ 0.075
* VAT excluded

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We always guarantee the lowest price!

Every day, our trading specialists search for the lowest prices for our Global Gateway. Should you encounter a lower priced route elsewhere, let us know. We will match that price in your following week’s pricelist and use the new route for your traffic!

We always guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Our Netherlands based Network Operations Center is manned 24/7 and monitors the quality of our services. However, if you’re not satisfied with the delivery of your messages, let us know which operator did not comply with the promised quality. We will refund the costs of the affected messages.

Connect to our gateway via API, HTTPS or SMPP

Bulk SMS The Netherlands

We provide bulk sms service in The Netherlands at a very affordable cost. Our bulk sms gateway allows you to send cheap group text messages to bulk lists of cell phone numbers in The Netherlands. It is a perfect solution for alerts, marketing or simply communicating with staff and clients. We cover all operators in The Netherlands and 2000+ operators globally. lets you send SMS text messages to a range of operators in each country straight from your own applications. Connection is easy and feel free to check our integration possibilities to SMS gateway The Netherlands.

Why choose our SMS gateway to The Netherlands

Our SMS gateway allows you to integrate sending Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS to The Netherlands directly into your business systems. Our bulk SMS solution is designed to handle a large amount of text messages per month. Try our ‘SMS gateway Direct’ if you prefer sending small numbers of SMS messages to The Netherlands. You can connect your applications to CM’s SMS gateway using the SMPP or HTTPS protocol and our API. The SMS gateway delivers text messages in more than 180 countries and is designed for high throughput traffic. It requires the sender to own a fully operational platform. You can choose the package that suits your traffic best. We have an SMS solution for everyone!

Network operators in The Netherlands

In The Netherlands there are three big network operators: KPN, Vodafone and T-mobile. Next to that there are numerous brands and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO's), like Telfort, Tele2, Teleena, Lycamobile, and many more up almost 100 different brands in total. Because of this competitive fragmented mobile environment, The Netherlands has a rate of 7% Ported mobile numbers each year! Since 1999 there have been 25 million number portations on a total number base of around 20 million.

Mobile number portability in The Netherlands

Supporting Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is Key in The Netherlands to reach the highest SMS delivery rate possible. CM is directly connected to the Dutch MNP database to obtain real time information of ported numbers. CM also has direct SMS connections to all MNO's and leading MVNO's to ensure the fastest delivery.

Sending SMS to mobile numbers in The Netherlands

Sending SMS to Dutch mobile numbers from abroad is technically restricted by the Dutch operators in a way that only AA19 approved operators are able to deliver. Partly because of this unique position of the Dutch operators, the SMS price in The Netherlands is among the highest in Europe. CM has proven by daily tests that SMS providers offering low prices have many issues with Fake DLR and issues with delivery to ported numbers.

Sender ID's in The Netherlands

Dutch operators allow all types of senders (TPOA), Numeric senders up to 16 digits, alphanumeric up to 11 characters. For two-way solutions CM provides short codes, hosted SIMs and Virtual long numbers. The consumer authority ACM restricted the provisioning of new virtual long numbers for now. Operators are looking into new solutions as we speak.

Also find more information about premium SMS, Content billing and Voice Services in The Netherlands on our website.

CM’s wholesale SMS solution to The Netherlands

CM Telecom is your partner in sending SMS messages to The Netherlands. Our SMS gateway is suitable for aggregators and large corporations sending high volumes of text messages to eg. The Netherlands. We serve a demanding clientele which consists of government agencies, banking institutions, international enterprises, broadcasting stations, global Over-the-Top communication providers and SMS aggregators. Our solution is reliable, scalable and delivers your SMS quickly and securely.


If you are interested in the technical documentation to setup SMPP gateway connections or HTTPS gateway connections with our platform, please feel free to download our technical specifications.

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our sms gateway is used by some of the world’s smartest companies

Ikea Microsoft Whatsapp DHL BMW Facebook AirBnB McDonalds