General support for using our SMS Gateway

Delivery; location, speed and quality

I want to send One Time Passwords, which gateway should I use?
One Time Passwords are very time critical messages and contain confidential information. Therefore we always advise to use the Enterprise Gateway. This gateway will deliver 90% of the messages within 10 seconds, uses only direct operator connections (no third parties used in routing) and can be approached using a VPN for extra security. You could also use the Global Gateway Priority, it features the same speed, uses mainly one-hub connections (direct operators or direct via local partners), but is not possible to connect over VPN. See the gateway comparison.
What is the Quality difference between the Enterprise Gateway and Global Gateway Priority?
The Enterprise Gateway features only direct operator connections. That means that there are no other parties in between CM Telecom and the operator. Direct operators connections are the most reliable and secure connections available. In terms of delivery time there is no difference. The Global Gateway Priority works mainly with one-hub connections, which means direct operator connections or direct connections via local partners.
Can CM Telecom deliver in every country?
Last time we checked we could deliver in 218 countries around the world. Check our latest price list to see the full list of destinations.
Will my SMS with an alphanumerical sender id be delivered in every country?
No. Unfortunately not every operator in the world supports alphanumerical sender id’s and in certain countries it is prohibited by law to send alphanumerical sender id’s. Please contact us if you want to know the current situation for your destinations.


Can I send Arabic / Cyrillic / Greek characters?
All our gateways support so-called Unicode messages, but because this concerns an extended character set the message is limited to 70 characters. Please contact us for more information, because not all destinations support Unicode messages.
Can I send SMS messages using an API?
Yes. You can send SMS via our HTTPS GET and POST API. Take a look at the techdocs for more information.
Is it possible to send concatenated SMS messages?
Yes. Concatenation or ‘multi part messages’ allow for sending messages longer than 160 characters. The SMS gateway will cut the large message in multiple parts and the phone will fit them together again. Please contact us on the details and possible limitations on your destinations.
Can I receive delivery/status reports?
Yes. We support a HTTP GET webhook to deliver status reports to your system. Please view the documentation for a set-up guide.
Can I use SMPP to connect to your SMS platform?
Yes. We allow for a SMPP connection to be set up to our SMS Gateway. Please contact us to set this up.
Is it possible to set an own sender name / sender id?
Yes. It is possible to set your own 11-alphanumerical sender id. In demo-mode the sender id is overwritten by CM. After your first purchase you will be able to choose your own sender id.

Accounts & Payment

How do I format international phone numbers?
We recommend to use the E.164 formatting. In general that means: ['+' country code][national phone number without leading 0]. Overall you do not user any spaces, hyphens or parentheses. A well formatted UK phone number looks like: +447911123456. More international formatting info? Check out our more in-depth guide about How to format international phone numbers.
How can I start sending SMS, can I test first?
Yeah sure. We can have you up and running in a minute. Register and start sending, we give all new subscribers 10 free test messages!
How do I upgrade my account?
You can upgrade your account by clicking the “Top Up” button next to your credits. When you upgrade your account you will be able to set your own sender id’s.
How can I pay?
You can pay using credit card or Paypal. We support VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. The Online SMS Gateway is a prepaid solution. That means you buy credit which allows you to send SMS messages. If you would like a postpaid solution, i.e. you send messages and receive a monthly invoice, please contact us for the possibilities.
How long will my credits be valid?
Your credit will be valid for 1 year.
Do I need to determine to which operator a message should be delivered?
No. CM Telecom’s gateway will take care of that. We can determine that based upon the mobile phone number (MSISDN).
Are there monthly costs?
There are no monthly costs for an online SMS Gateway account.

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