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Reduce your costs and increase the quality of your SMS messages. Connect to CM via the Bulk SMS International Agreement.

CM Telecom Worldwide

Unmatched performance in 180+ countries

CM delivers SMS-messages in more than 180 countries. To achieve this with an unmatched performance in uptime, throughput and latency, we offer 24/7 monitoring of SMS services worldwide. We also provide real time logging for you to control your traffic. There are only three conditions to the Agreement:


Sending low volume SMS p/m

Do you need direct operator connections in almost every country in Europe, South America, China, Hong Kong, India, Morocco, Philippines and South Africa? Then you need our Enterprise Gateway with a 90% delivery guarantee within 10 seconds. Every message costs between € 0.02 - € 0.06 (depends on destination) and your system can send them to us via a Secure-VPN connection.

Global Gateway

Volumes per month 1.000.000+

The Global Gateway is the best package for sending global wholesale traffic and mobile marketing messages. When you want worldwide coverage for marketing campaigns or appointment reminders, this is the package you need. We have a lowest price guarantee and guarantee you a 90% delivery within 100 seconds of all the deliverable messages. We provide a weekly pricelist with all the best prices. If you want global coverage, but need a higher delivery speed, we also have the Global Gateway Priority.

Sending Time & Delivery critical SMS messages?

our sms gateway is used by some of the world’s smartest companies

Ikea Microsoft Whatsapp DHL BMW Facebook AirBnB McDonalds