Why choose CM?

We are CM. We are building the world’s best platform for mobile messaging and payments. Daily proven by 3+ million messages on 5 continents and in 180+ countries.

We offer messaging and payment services to a wide variety of customers to boost their traffic and revenue. CM provides high quality services for companies who wish to use SMS for marketing, communication, alert purposes and more.

We offer Mobile Billing solutions using direct operator connections or a local partner. Our portfolio offers several front-to-back solutions such as our Content Delivery System (CDS). This enables clients to set up and manage subscription, download and text based end user services. A short time-to-market is guaranteed.

Network & clients’ services are monitored constantly by our NOC

Video: One platform for SMS, Push, Apps, Payments
and Voice in the heart of the Mobile Ecosystem

CM focuses on high volume Premium SMS and international Bulk traffic (ca. 180 countries).

Everyone has a message. But our message can change your business.

Our message can change your business

In our view the world will change rapidly. Not by big bold ideas,
 but by small and smart steps towards a safe and secure transaction platform.

That's a promise we will deliver on.

Small messages and small payments will have a major impact in all marketing activities, investments and management processes for every business and organisation. We connect producers and consumers, organisations and stakeholders, governments and citizens, secure and safely via our CM Platform. And we like to help you, to alter and adapt, to smarter business models.

Video: CM @ Mobile World Congress 2017

CM is an annual exhibitor at and visitor of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The Mobile Word Congress is always a stunning event to visit.


Direct connections with operators

Direct connections

Fast communication with all parties involved is key for CM. We have direct connections to Operators in 29 countries: Argentina, Austria,Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, India, Morocco, Mexico, The Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Uruguay, Venezuela and South Africa. We can act as your local partner, or closely communicate with your selected local party in other countries.

Reliability is essential

Approval to work with governments and banks

Reliability is essential when working with financial institutions, governments and television networks. This is embedded in our technical systems and administration and is fully controlled through audits by Deloitte. Each and every SMS can be tracked via real-time statistics and online logging tools.

High capacity & fast delivery time

High capacity and fast delivery time

CM's platform has a capacity that can deliver 20 SMS messages per second with a guaranteed delivery time of 10 seconds or less.

CM has three redundant datacenters

Private redundant data center

The applications, systems and connections used and sold by CM are developed in-house. This speeds up our reaction time to client questions and makes it possible to adapt applications and systems to specific client wishes. CM has three private redundant datacenters, with failover capacity.

Satisfying customers for 15 years!


With over 1 billion SMS messages, 5 million end-users, 5000 clients and many successful projects in 18 years, CM has built a wealth of experience in the field of Mobile Media. Every year, we share our knowledge at our own MOCOmoments events, with international speakers and over 800 attendees. Succes is second nature to our employees. Our low staff turnover can be explained by our dynamic workplace. The focus is always on satisfying our customers by delivering excellent services and products.

Open 24/7, monitored constantly

Open 24/7

CM is open 24/7, including Sundays and public holidays. Our network and clients’ services are monitored constantly.

our sms gateway is used by some of the world’s smartest companies

Ikea Microsoft Whatsapp DHL BMW Facebook AirBnB McDonalds